Aluminium Crimping Machine Fully Mild Steel


Aluminium Crimping Machine Fully Mild Steel

Fully Mild Steel Plate Cold Roll Iron Automatic Curving Aluminium Crimping Cnc Channel Bend Machine For Standing Seam Roof

An aluminum crimping machine is a specialized tool used to crimp or secure the edges of aluminum panels or sheets, particularly in construction and metal fabrication. Some advantages of using an aluminum crimping machine include:

Specifications of manual sheet bending machine

Technical data:

Model Number YX65-400/425
Size 1500*1000*1800
Weight 1000KGS
Motor Power 4KW
Processing Speed 8-16m/min
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3PH
Thickness for steel roofing 0.6-0.8mm

 Usage: Curving normal galvanized and prepainted galvanized steel, and Aluminum roof to curve with convex or concave shape, only convex or concave curved for one piece roofing;