Cold Roll Forming Machine Standing Seam | YX51-820


Standing seam with lock metal roll forming machine

1. Specifications of sheet metal seaming machine

1).Main Techincal Data:

1. Model Number


2. Size


3. Weight 8000KGS
4. Motor Power 5.5KW
5. Hydraulic Power 2.2KW
6. Material of principal axis
high grade 45# fogred steel
7. Voltage 380V/50HZ/3PH
8. Forming Steps


9. Processing Speed 12-18m/min
10. Thickness 0.4-0.8mm
11. Feeding Material Width 1000mm
12. Effective Width


13. Height of Roofing 51mm

2). Main Accessories: 

(1).Main Forming Machines;

(2).5 Tons Manual Uncoiler;

(3).Hydraulic System;

(4).PLC Computer Controlling System With Touching Screen (Brand: Schneider for PLC, touching

     screen, cencorder and frequency changer)

(5). Hydraulic Forming Cutter;


(7). Operation Manual;

2. Pictures of sheet metal seaming machine
Cold Roll Forming Machine

3. Certifications of Product

4. Applications of Product

Cold Roll Forming Machine

5. Production Line of Product

Cold Roll Forming Machine

Product advantages:

Seamless Precision:

Say goodbye to manual metal forming and hello to seamless precision. Our Cold Roll Forming Machine automates the process, ensuring consistent and precise metal shaping every time. Experience the power of technology as our machine effortlessly transforms flat metal sheets into complex and customized profiles, ensuring exceptional precision that meets the highest industry standards.

Versatility and Customization:

Our Cold Roll Forming Machine offers versatility and customization options to meet your unique project requirements. With the ability to switch between different profiles and sizes, you can easily adapt the machine to produce a wide range of metal products. Whether you need roofing panels, wall claddings, or any other custom profiles, our machine caters to your diverse customer needs.

Enhanced Efficiency and Time Savings:

Streamline your production process and maximize efficiency with our Cold Roll Forming Machine. By automating metal forming, you can significantly reduce production time, allowing you to take on more projects and increase your business capacity. Say goodbye to labor-intensive processes and hello to streamlined operations and faster turnaround times.

Exceptional Quality and Strength:

Elevate the quality and strength of your metal products with our Cold Roll Forming Machine. Engineered with precision and built to last, our machine ensures that every profile is formed with superior integrity, enhancing the durability of your finished products. Impress your clients with metal structures that withstand the test of time, demonstrating your commitment to excellence.

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