Light Gauge Steel Framing Manufacturers Xhh-C89-5S


Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) is a modern construction technique that utilizes thin sheets of high-strength steel to create a robust framework for buildings. Unlike traditional wood or concrete framing, LGSF involves assembling prefabricated steel sections, typically in the form of studs, tracks, and joists, which are lightweight yet incredibly durable.

This method offers several advantages. Firstly, the lightweight nature of steel makes it easier to transport and handle on-site, reducing construction time and labor costs. Additionally, its strength-to-weight ratio ensures structural stability while allowing for more design flexibility and larger open spaces within buildings.


Main Technical Data

Size C89
Dimension 4200*800*1100mm
Main Servo Motor Power 7.5KW
Hydraulic Motor 7.5kw
Forming Steps 9Steps
Forming Speed 4-5tons/8hours
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3PH
Effective Width 89mm
Material Width 174mm
Flange Height 38mm
Lip 9mm
Material Thickness 0.6-1.2mm
Tolerance for cutting and punching ±0.5mm
Tolerance for forming ±0.75mm
Control System IPC Computer Controlling System
Design Software Vertex Software
Material for All Roller SKD-11 steel with heat treatment, plate hard chrome on the surface of rollers
Material for Shaft SKD-11
Material for Puncher SKD-11
Material for Cutter SKD-11


l Post Punching Mould

Light Gauge Steel Framing

XHH LGS Machine all with post punching and post cutting, which make more high precision performance on position & dimension

l Seamless end cut connection

Light Gauge Steel Framing

Seamless end-cut connection is a patent design of XHH LGS ROLL FORMER. The two ends of the vertical frame can seamlessly connect to the web of the bottom and top horizontal frames. So the weight of the house can be directly loaded and passed by the vertical frame, which makes the house safer.

l Continuous web notch punching without extruding material

Light Gauge Steel Framing

The strength of raw material will be greatly reduced when continuous web & lip notches are made, thus material in the pre-punching machine may be easily extruded and then cause machine jam during roll forming process.XHH LGS Machine with post punching system,which we can do more continuous web notch even in 0.55mm thin thickness without extruding material.

l Lower material wasting

Light Gauge Steel Framing

Short distance between punching & cutting die able to limit the start-up material waste length at 0.2m, and end material waste length within 1 meter.

l Save Cost


XHH Machine steel strip width is: 170-174mm width, 10mm less than the most other machines in the market. For a 200sqm house, the total frame is around 7000m,can save 439.6-659.4kg material

Material Thickness




Material Saved Per House




The length of each start-up waste of the XHH post-punching & cutting machine is about 1M; most machines on the market are pre-punching & post-cutting (other supplier), their waste material is about 8m on each start-up

Start-Up/Change Steel Coil

8.11-12.13 Kg

5 Steel Coils/Day

40.55-60.65 Kg

Material Saved/Year

12.17-18.2 T

Main Accessories

1) Main Forming Machine

2) 3 Tons Electric Uncoiler

3) Servo Motor System

4) IPC Computer Controlling System (Lenovo Laptop)

5) Production Software (1set)

6) Design Software-Vertex,forever using license

7) Hydraulic Automatic Punching Device

(Web/Lip Notch,Swage,Service Hole,Chamfer,Dimple,Bolt Hole)

8) Hydraulic Post-cutting Device (Material:SKD-11)

9) Automatic Printing Device

10) Run Out Table (4m)

11) Operation Manual

Overall, Light Gauge Steel Framing represents a modern, sustainable, and efficient approach to construction, offering a blend of strength, versatility, and cost-effectiveness that appeals to a wide range of building projects.

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