Light Gauge Steel Machine Keel Roll Forming Machine


Light Gauge Steel Machine Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine Xhh C305-310mm Plate Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine Xhh C305-310mm Plate – is widely used in the manufacturing of light steel keel roll forming and frame, horizontal or vertical press machine.

This XHH C305-310mm Plate Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine uses the latest technology and advanced equipment to manufacture highly efficient and reliable plate rolling forming machine. The plate keel roll forming machine can be applicable to different widths of light steel coil, purlin and panel in narrow zone and can be used in both straightway and angle forming.

XHH-C305/310 light gauge steel framing machine provides cold-formedform steel solutions to floor joist and trusses for residential and light commercial buildings. It is capable of producing 305/310 wide profiles, which features increased loading capacity by 10% compared to 89mm wide profiles and greatly saves steel. The machine comes with a production speed of 1.8t/h.

light gauge steel machine

Metal Framing Components


Metal Framing Component

Model C305/310
Dimension 7600*1500*1700mm
Main Servo Motor Power 22kW
Hydraulic Motor 11kW
Forming Steps 12Steps
Forming Speed 15tons/8hours
Voltage 380V/50Hz/3Phase
Effective Width 305mm, 310mm
Material Width 425mm
Flange Height 50mm
Lip 12mm
Material Thickness G300-G450: 0.95-2.5mm G550: 0.95-2.0mm
Tolerance for Cutting and Punching ±1mm
Tolerance for Forming ±1mm
Control System IPC computer controlling system
Design Software Vertex Software
Rollers Made using SKD-11 steel with heat treatment, plate hard chrome on the surface of rollers
Material for Shaft SKD-11
Material for Puncher SKD-11
Material for Cutter SKD-11


  • Main Forming Machine
  • 5 Tons Electric Uncoiler
  • Servo Motor System
  • IPC Computer Controlling System (Lenovo Laptop)
  • Production Software (1set)
  • Design Software-Vertex, forever using license
  • Hydraulic Automatic Punching Device (Web/Lip Notch, Swage, Service Hole, Chamfer, Dimple, Bolt Hole)
  • Hydraulic Post-cutting Device (Material:SKD-11)
  • Automatic Printing Device
  • Run Out Table (4m)