Standing Seam Metal Machine Xhh Yx65-425 Stand


The Standing Seam Metal Machine is a specialized apparatus designed for the fabrication of standing seam metal roofing panels. This machine is engineered to streamline the installation process of metal roofing, particularly in construction and roofing projects. The standing seam roofing panels produced by this machine feature distinctive raised seams that run vertically along the length of the panels, providing enhanced durability and aesthetic appeal. The machine is equipped with precision tools and mechanisms to efficiently form, cut, and shape metal sheets into the desired standing seam profile. Its automated capabilities contribute to increased production efficiency, ensuring high-quality and uniform roofing panels for various architectural applications. The Standing Seam Metal Machines are valuable tool in the construction industry, offering a cost-effective and reliable solution for creating robust and visually appealing metal roofing systems.

The Product Description

Size YX65-400/425 KLS25-220-530
Dimension 5800*1600*1500mm 2000*1300*1400mm
Weight 7000KGS 1200KGS
Motor Power 7.5KW*2 1.5KW
Hydraulic Power 2.2KW 0.75kw
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3PH 380V/50HZ/3PH
Forming Steps 13 steps 6 steps
Forming Speed 8-15m/min 8-12m/min
Effective Width 400mm,425mm 220-530mm
Material of Width 575mm,600mm 290mm-600mm
Material of AL-Mg-Mn, 0.7-1.0mm  0.4-1.0mm
Galvanized Sheet Thickness
Q235 Steel Sheet Thickness 0.5-0.8mm 0.5-0.8mm
Standing Height of Roofing  65mm 25mm
Thickness for common use   0.6mm, 0.7mm 0.6mm, 0.7mm
and testing machine (material: PPGI, GI, Aluminum) (material: PPGI, GI, Aluminum)

Main Accessories:

  • Main Seamlock Roofing Forming Machine;
  • Main uncoiler;
  • Hydraulic System;
  • PLC Computer Controlling System With Touch Screen;
  • Hydraulic Forming Cutter;
  • Tools;
  • Operation Manual.

The Features of Standing Seam Metal Machine

  1. Precision Forming: The machine is equipped with precision rollers and forming tools that shape metal sheets into standing seam profiles. This ensures uniformity and accuracy in the production of roofing panels.
  2. Versatility: Standing Seam Metal Machines are adaptable to various metal types and thicknesses, allowing for flexibility in design and meeting diverse project requirements.
  3. Automated Operation: These machines are designed for automated operation, minimizing manual labor and enhancing production efficiency. Automated functions include material feeding, forming, cutting, and stacking.
  4. High-Speed Production: With their automated capabilities, Standing Seam Metal Machines can achieve high production speeds, contributing to faster project timelines and increased output.


Standing Seam Metal Machine
Standing Seam Metal Machine


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Standing Seam Metal Machine

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