Steel Door Frame Making Machines XHH Jm85 Automatic


XHH JM85 Automatic Color Price Steel Roll Sheet Forming Rolling Shutter Door Frame Machine

Specifications of roll shutter door making machine

1)Main Techincal Data:

1. Size JM85
2. Dimension 4000*900*1400mm
3. Weight 2500KGS
4. Motor Power 4KW
5. Hydraulic Power 2.2KW
6. Voltage 380V/50HZ/3PH
7. Forming Steps 14steps
8. Forming Speed 8-12m/min
9. Effective Width 85mm
10. Material of Width 136mm
11. Material Thickness 0.8-1.0mm
12. Tolerance


2)Main Accessories:

(1) Main Seamlock Roofing Forming Machine;

(2) Main uncoiler;

(3) Hydraulic System;

(4) PLC Computer Controlling System With Touch Screen;

(5) Hydraulic Forming Cutter;

(6) Tools;

(7) Operation Manual.